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Organic Granular Fertilizers

Blood Meal 12-0-0 (Granular)

Organic Source of Nitrogen, Iron and Amino Acids

Feather Meal 11-0-0

Granulated feather meal supplies slow release nitrogen in ...

Fish Bone Meal 4-13-0+13Ca

Non-bovine granulate bone meal fertilizer rich in nitrogen, ...

General Purpose 4-3-9

Organic Fertilizer for Early Plant Establishment


Granulated organic gypsum

Hi-N 11-0-5

Hi-N is an entirely plant-based fertilizer usable on all ...

Lawn Food 8-2-3

Organic lawn food for complete nutrition and continuous ...

N-Plus 10-2-0 Granular

N-Plus is a high nitrogen granulated product.

Organic Blend 6-2-7

Organic Fertilizer for Organic Crop Production in soil and ...

Organic Fall 0-6-8

Organic-based granular fertilizer applied in fall at the ...

Organic Premium 7-2-4

Organic Premium is organic granular fertilizer enriched ...

Organic Premix 6-2-0

Organic Pre-Mix is designed to pre-charge greenhouse soil ...

Organo-Sul 90% S

90% elemental sulphur

Rock Phosphate 0-7-0

Slow Release Source of Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron and Zinc

Seed Booster 1-2-1

Improves Germination & Boosts Early Growth

Sulphate of Potash 0-0-50

Sulphate of Potash (SOP) also known as Potassium sulphate ...

Super Phos 3-7-3

High phosphorus starter fertilizer with other key nutrients ...


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