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Organo-Sul 90% S

90% elemental sulphur



Ecocert Canada

Organo-Sul is an effective soil amendment when used to correct alkali, saline and high pH soils by lowering soil pH through acidification. Repeat applications of Organo-Sul, over time, improves the soil by building sulfur oxidizing bacteria (Thiobacillus) populations that cause a number of important benefits including soil acidification. 

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis
Sulphur (S) 90.0 %

Directions of Use:
OrganoSul-90 is only to be used to amend agricultural soil to correct soil pH based on soil analysis and should be applied based on the calculations and advice of a professional agronomist or a qualified agricultural consultant. The application rate should be based on the expected reduction in pH when a particular volume of HumiSul 90S is applied. It is best applied by uniform broadcasting over the area to be treated and incorporated to the depth a professional agronomist or a qualified agricultural consultant has recommended, to effect a change in soil pH.

Packaging Sizes
SKU: BF7603153 - 25 kg
SKU: BF7603152 - 1000 kg


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