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Ross Farm - Blueberry, Broccoli & Cabbage

"We noticed a significant improvement in blueberries and vegetables after using a combination of BioFert products. In blueberry crop, we witnessed signs of growth and good fruit size."

As we started using BioFert products, we noticed a significant improvement in our crops. In blueberry crop, we witnessed an increase in growth and fruit size. The good quality of fruit fetched a premium price in the market. In broccoli and cabbage, we noted that after using BioFish and VegeMax, the flower heads grew more compact and strong. In cabbage, the average weight of flower head increased up to 25-30%; while the vegetative growth was not prominent; exactly what we needed for cabbage.

I consider myself an innovative farmer and always go for new farming technologies. I contacted BioFert and their team visited me and surveyed my farm. Firstly they recommended me to start using fertilizer through drip irrigation as it is more efficient way to feed the plants. I started using their products through an injector and saw very good results within days. Plants began to look healthy within 2-3 weeks of application. We achieved a very good production and my blueberry plants are well prepared for next season. In vegetables, we were having issues especially in Broccoli like low production and pale fruit colour. The scientific recommendation from the BioFert team and excellent products solved many of the problems and I got my best production ever for broccoli. 


Grower Diljewin S Gill
Farm Ross Farm, Ross Road, Abbotsford, BC
Farm Size 10 acres
Crop Blueberry, Broccoli & Cabbage
Products Used BerryMax, BioFruit, BioCal, Nutripower, BioGro, BioBloom & VegeMax



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