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Prairie Foliar

Organic-based all-purpose foliar fertilizer for cereals, oilseeds, forage, fruits and vegetables

Prairie Foliar is an organic-based all-purpose foliar fertilizer for cereals, oilseeds, forage, fruits and vegetables. It is a unique formulation to boost vigour and help minimize crop stress. It is manufactured by extensive fermentation process to enhance absorption of nutrients through foliage. 1-2 applications are recommended on cereals and oilseeds and use 2-4 applications on fruits and vegetables. It is designed to be efficiently used with a variety of foliar crop inputs including pesticides and water soluble fertilizers after testing for compatibility.

* Increases organic matter and improves soil structure.                                                                    
* Stimulates plant growth, root and shoot development                                                                                            
* Helps improve fruit size and quality.

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis
Total Nitrogen (N)                       1.5 %
Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5)  1.0 %
Soluble Potash (K2O)                   3.0 %
Iron (Fe) EDTA                           0.12 %
Copper (Cu) EDTA                      0.05 %
Manganese (Mn) EDTA               0.09 %
Zinc (Zn) EDTA                         0.10 %
Boron (B)                                  0.04 %
Molybdenum (Mo)                   0.0012 %

Product Characteristics
Appearance:  Brown
pH:      4
Specific Gravity:  1.15 g/ml

Directions for Use
Prairie Foliar is designed for use in foliar application using 10-75 G (40-280 L) to of solution per acre depending on crop. Use higher rates for fruit trees, and lower rates for cereals and oilseeds. Use 2.5-3.7 L per ha (1-2 L per acre) with sufficient water for good coverage.

Caution: This fertilizer contains boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc and should be used only as recommended. It may prove harmful when misused. This product must only be used for corrections of deficiencies as determined by foliar and soil testing. This product should be applied based on the advice of an agricultural representative or a professional agricultural consultant. Foliar fertilization is intended to supplement standard ground fertility programs and will not, by itself, provide all nutrients normally required by agricultural crops. Check for compatibility before mixing Prairie Foliar with other crop inputs like pesticides and water soluble fertilizers.

Packaging Sizes
20L, 1000L 


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