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Organic Liquid Fertilizers

Amino Max 5-0-0

Organic Fertilizer enriched with Amino Acids

BioFish 3-1-2

Fish Based Complete Fertilizer for Organic Production

Cal-O 6% Ca

Organic Calcium Fertilizer, free of Chlorides

Essential Iron 0-0-3

Essential source of iron. With sulphur.

Essential Micro 0-0-1+Micros

Essential source of micronutrients such as magnesium, ...

FerroTurf 3-0-0

Essential source of iron.

Fish Concentrate 2-3-0

Organic Liquid Fish Fertilizer for All Crops

Fruit & Berry 3-2-4

Organic and natural Fertilizer for all fruits & berries

General Purpose 3-2-5

Organic Fertilizer for All Indoor & Outdoor Plants

Humik (12% humic acid)

Organic fertilizer with Humic Acid Derivatives

RapiGro 0-0-5

Organic foliar product derived from Kelp

Root Conditioner 0-0-2

Organic fertilizer with Humic Acid Derivatives

Rose & Flower 2-2-5

Organic and natural fertilizer for flowering annuals and ...

Tomato & Vegetable 3-1-4

Organic fertilizer for Vegetable Production


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