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Hi-N 10-3-0

Slow Release Fertilizer for Organic Crop Production
Ecocert Approved

Nitrogen deficiency is one of the biggest challenges in organic farming. The deficiency of nitrogen limits growth and production. In absence of nitrogen, weeds tend to take over organic crops quickly. Nutrient shortage also forces crops to transition in an early reproductive phase hurting plant production. Hi-N 10-3-0 is an organic granular formulation for organic production in soil / soil-less medium. It is enriched with added Sulphur for optimal performance. It provides Nitrogen for up to 90 days.

1. Initial boost of Nitrogen and continues to feed for up to 90 days
2. Increases microbial activity and organic matter in root zone 
3. Improves soil structure & nutrient retention
4. Provides nutrients with minimum leaching losses.

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis
Total Nitrogen (N)                              10.0%
Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5)          3.0%   
Calcium (Ca)                                        5.0 %
Copper (Cu) (actual)                           0.05 %
Zinc (Zn) (actual)                               0.08 %

Product Characteristics
Appearance:   Granular
Bulk Density:  797 kg/m3  (49.7 Ib/cf3)

Directions for Use
Cereals, oilseeds & forage crops - use 30-35 kg (66-77 lbs per acre with a single shoot/box drill at seeding.
Soil-less medium - Use 9-12 kg (20-25 lbs) per cu. yard as a soil mix.
Orchards, potatoes and vegetables - use 225-275 kg (500-600 lbs) per acre
Turf - use 5-6 kg (10-12 lbs) for every 1000 sq ft.
Packaging Sizes
25 Kg, 1000 kg   


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