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Growing tips for sugarcane crop

Conventional Growing:

Custom fertilizer blend as needed. 

Soil amendment: 25-50 kg blend of soil amendments including Earth Boost, BioSul-90, etc based on soil conditions. This mix will boost rooting resulting in maximum nutrient uptake. Based on soil analysis, a portion of this mix can be substituted with a chemical fertilizer. This will increase the efficiency of fertilizer usage while maximizing root mass, shoot development in early tillering stages and improving soil conditions.  

Foliar:The following products can be mixed to any pesticide application to minimize application cost ; however compatibility must be checked before mixing products. Periodic applications from 45-50 days from germination to 140 days period can significantly boost tillering and cane production. The following can be applied in conjunction with pesticide applications as needed.

  • 2 L of BioCane + 2.5-3.5 kg of a water soluble mix like NutriPower or 30-10-20 or Hi-K + BioStix OR
  • 1.5-2.0 L of RapiGro + 2-3 kg of a water soluble fertilizer like NutriPower or 30-10-20/, Hi-K + BioStix. 
All recommendations are mentioned on a per acre basis or on per yard basis for soil mixes for greenhouses & nurseries. 


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